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The Friesenhaus Restaurant offers a unique German experience that the whole family can enjoy! Every Friday and Saturday night, we feature live German accordion music by local musicians. On the weekdays, we offer traditional German meals in a lunch portion size from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Locals and visitors alike enjoy the authentic German experience with German food, beer and atmosphere! We are sure that you will enjoy your German experience, too!


Guten Apetit - The Dirks Family


Welcome to the family owned and operated Friesenhaus German Restaurant and Bakery located in the heart of New Braunfels! German family Dirks arrived in 2004 to open the German restaurant Friesenhaus in the former Krause’s Café building. After a long remodeling process, the Friesenhaus finally opened its doors on March 7, 2006. Why call it Friesenhaus? The Dirks family descended from a northern region of Germany bordering the North Sea called “Friesland,” so Friesenhaus means the “House of the Frisians.” This region of Germany is best known for delicious fish specialties such as “Rollmops” and a strong, black “Ostfriesen” hot tea, which we mix in-house as the “Friesenhaus Original” tea served with Kluntje sugar pieces and heavy cream.

There are 16 German beers all on draft ranging from Pilsner, Lager, Dunkel, Bock, Black and Wheat beers. All of our beers are served in authentic German glassware ranging from 0.3 liter to a full 2-liter “Das Boot” glass. The bar also offers a wide selection of regional German wines ranging from a dry Pinot Gris white wine to a fruity white Spätlese wine with much more in between.

Discover Our Exciting History

We are a 1st generation family owned and operated business. We only serve authentic German cuisine.

A Taste of Germany

You'll always get fast, friendly service. We offer a unique atmosphere and a traditional menu.

German Atmosphere

German cuisine is an often overlooked culinary experience. That's why we're excited to share our exciting history and our goal to bring you a taste of the old world.

German Beer and Wine

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